Thank God for false hair, ponytail and weave.
                                But NU-GRO grows hair, like you won't Believe!

Stop Losing Hair!  NU-GRO helps quickly Grow, Thicken and Heal damaged hair in a 4 step process using 100% Natural Herbs & Vitamins.  Continue to use for healthy, beautiful, silky, shiny, glowing, flowing, blowing hair!

  Click one of the individuals below to grow, thicken and maintain healthy, beautiful hair.
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                                  Shedding, Thinning, Balding?
                                           Slow growth or No growth?  
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                Natural?                   Baby or Children?        Damaged/Overprocessed?

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 Relaxed/Flat-Iron?    Receding, Thin, Bald?           Weave or Wig? 
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Individual Hair-GRO Products Listed Below.  These are the 4 Steps to Hair Growth:

          Step 1                       Step 2                      Step 3                 Step 4
     Shampoos           Conditioners               Sprays                   Oils
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For maximum hair growth, use all 4 steps!  When you use all 4 steps, you address Thinning, Balding, Shedding, Breaking, Slow or NO Growth.  Select individual Hair-GRO products or Kits prepared by professional hair consultants for your unique hair needs.

NU-GRO is made with 100% Natural Herbs and Vitamins.   
Remember, NU-GRO offers a 60 day money-back guarantee!  This stuff really works!!  So, what do you have to lose?... More hair!  Order today and start growing your hair today.

NU-GRO has been very successful on those with hair loss due to overprocessing, chemical damage, medications, genetics or just aging.  NU-GRO has proven effective on men with rec
eding hairline, and those who need help growing beardsNU-GRO is great for Chemo/Cancer patients, diabetics, people stricken with alopecia and those who use thyroid and other meds that cause hair loss.

Although tested on 41 nationalities, Black folks use the entire range of products, while White folks get fast hair growth and beautiful hair using Shampoos, Conditioners and Oil-Free Spray (See Sheri's Picks).  Unsure
of where to start, use the Mega Hair-GRO Value System.  All Hair-GRO Kits come with instructions.  So, order today and lets get some beautiful, healthy, long, glowing, flowing hair!

Our motto is:
            Thank God for false hair, Ponytails and Weave,
            But NU-GRO grows hair, like you won't Believe!
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